When snatch hooking for gators, you want a good stiff pole.I woulnt recommend anything over 7ft. For the line, I use 40lb power pro braided. It has held together for every gator but one and I can only imagine how big that one was to break it. I don't know what happened. We had two hooks on him, one snapped and then the other.

My friend uses 20lb mono to snag em. If you don't feel safe using 50lb or lower, what you can do is take 20ft of 100lb braid or higher and use it as a leader so you will have 100lb line on him at all times and use the 50lb as a backer. When using braid remember not to use the fisherman knot as it slips with pressure.

I like the 12/0 hook. It seems to grab better, but I honestly don't have a favorite. I just use whichever one I grab. My friend likes the 10/0 .He feels they have better penetration and stay on the gator better. We also think the larger, 14/0, are not good for snatch hooking. They are way too thick. They're good at pulling the gators up and pulling logs or whatever else is snagged on our line up from the bottom.

Finally, when you're slowly moving the gator to the surface, make sure you're all set up and ready to harpoon him. I've had a couple by the boat and miss them because the person harpooning him wasn't ready or got over excited and took the shot way too early causing the gator to flip out and book it.

Picture taken from FWC