No Hooks!! Only 2in Pegs or less!

This is one of the best ways to get a gator. It can be the easiest way and it can also be the most dreaded one, especially when they get in the weeds or trees. I've spent more than 3 hours digging through weeds only to find my beef lung was spit up and left behind. Not the best 3 hours I've spent, but then there are days I spend 3 hours digging through weeds to find a nice 10+ gator on the other end.

For baiting I use 40lb line test and then 30lb monofilament as a backer. Try not to use too much braid as I've been despooled numerous times. People don't care, or don't know, and will cut right through. Always remember to keep the line attached to the boat or a fishing pole on the boat.

When chasing a gator with the line attached to a pole, make sure the drag is loose and you're not putting pressure on the beef lung. I've had the bait pop right out of the gator's mouth one too many times from too much pressure on it. The gator will also weave around, under, and through stuff like trees, roots, logs, etc. That's when I take out the 14/0 hook to lift stuff to the surface for detangling.

2014 Baiting Gator hunt video