Why are your prices so cheap? Well I dont avertise, So no money is wasted on banners or avertisements. My products speak for itself. I make most of my sales from word of mouth.

What do you think of using sprays? To be honest its a JOKE! 90% of the gator go down when your 100+ yards away. If you really think it will help you just use some manhadden oil. (fish oil) Just remember you have to smell it the whole night your out there. Its a gimmick.

Can you use hooks? Yes and No, you cant use hooks to bait. But you can use treble hooks to snag them.

What method do you recommend? Snatch hooking can be a lot of fun! Baiting is time consuming not to mention if it go in the weeds. I have untangled my fishing line for 3 hours and no gator. I have also did the same and there was a 10 footer on there.

How fast do you ship? I ship USPS the day you pay or the next day.

I want to hire you. Im not for hire.

What size snatch hooks do you recommend? I personally like the 12/0 (2.5oz) but will use whatever I have on the pole.

Bang Sticks?- Shipped with instructions on how to use. If you do not know how to use one, or do not understand the instructions call me.