Eco Crossbow Gator Kit

The Muzzy Economy Gator Kit has everything the intrepid alligator hunter needs to get the job done.

Featuring a Big Game Float with a "rotto molded body," which has a built-in hand wrap style reel, arrow holder, and handle. The float easily mounts with a single 1/4 turn (Note: excess turns will make the float stick to your bow, which could cause it to be pulled into the water) to the included mounting stud. This allows for quick and secure attachment and deployment of the float.

The Muzzy Economy Gator Kit makes it incredibly easy to take follow-up shots while keeping the line safely out of the way when fighting a gator or shark. Includes a convenient line clip, which keeps the line secure while stalking your prey.

Includes mounting hardware, 5/16" fiberglass gator arrow with point, and a Big Game Float pre-spooled with 100 feet of 400 pound test line.

Gator Hunting Bow Kit