The Gator Strobe Light is a Water Activated LED light that can be attached to any Big Game Float or equipment that may fall overboard. Light is visible for over 1 mile on the surface of the water at night and provides 80-100 hours of battery life(not on ducks). Batteries are replaceable on both. The Gator Strobe allows you to keep track of your Gator even if your float is pulled under the surface of the water!

I use these on everything now. From when Im baiting, and I use them on my floats. Its amazing how bright these LED are. No more having to shine a light to see where your bouy is anymore. These are great!

When baiting for the alligator. I use a stick or the tree and hang them from that and when the gator takes the bait, it drops down in the water and starts strobing so you know where he's at and going.