April 25

About Us:

Its 2017, Its hard to believe we have been doing this so long! Even though it's a new year we haven't changed much, not even our prices. I am happy to say we have added our old style 1/4 darts back while keeping the 5/16 as well. We also are adding a new dart for 2017. We are also adding alligator calls on a cd.

We also adding dvds. How to do your taxidermy your alligator skulls with the skin on.

New How To Videos.

If you have any question on alligator hunting equipment please don't hestitate to call me at 321-292-2888. Happy Huntin!

Feb 28

Its 2016, While its a new year. We haven't changed in providing the best customer service and equipment. We have to raise our prices on some of our stuff because of the increased cost of products. We dont really want to do this but, like any business we have to do this to stay in business. We are going to be adding How to videos this year. We should be adding new stuff this year as well. If you have any question on alligator hunting equipment please don't hestitate to call me at 321-292-2888. Happy Huntin!

Feb 20

So its a new year. I should be updating the site here soon.I think this year your will see a lot of changes and there good changes. 1 things that is'nt going to change is our pricing! Im actually happy to say none of the pricing should change some stuff will actually got down. While we are introducing a new dart this year. Its going to make buying easier and less confusing. We added a lot of new stuff last year for gator hunting. We added Led ducks, glow sticks, prerigged baits. This year we will be focusing on adding more new stuff and modifying other to make it better. We're here to help you wether its needing help to catch them, help skinning them, tanning, or a place to store them. Were happy to help you.

Feb 18

So its a new year. Am I glad that I was able to buy back the company. I wasn't able to move, liked I hoped to. I was able to buy back AHE llc. I am happy about it. Things aren't getting better with my sister. There no cure yet.

I hope everyone has a great year. Alligator hunting is one of the most exciting things that anyone can do. I have a lot in store for 2014. I have new equipment coming out. I have a hybrid#2, Swivel T-Gaff, Snares, and more coming out this season. This year main focus is customer service and fast shipping time. Most items will ship SAME DAY. Orders placed before 1:30pm. I think all an all, this is going to be a great change.

Feb 10


I put the product page back up. There are some things gone. It will be updated through out the week. Im in the finally stages of the transfer it should be complete this week. He is adding new kits and new info. Some of the things he was talking about adding was crossbow kits. I'll still be active this year with him, next year it will only be him. He's striving to keep the prices the same. Some may change and I talked to him about it. But you will see changes, I think it will be for the best.


The reason for my departure is because I have a family sickness and I want to focus on my sister. She has been diagnosed with gastroparesis. She is the most important thing to me right now. Family come first. I want to say THANK YOU to every that has brought equipment from me and seen what this company is becoming.


Well Its a new year for me. A lot of things are different this year. I am still here and doing orders in 2013. I have 1 new "helper" that help me with orders and packing.I still do 90% of them. I will be adding some new items in 2013. These include Dimmers and T-Gaffs. I am also beta testing a design. That no other gator supplies is currently doing. More details to come. But I'll wait before I announce it. So I can do my testing and others cant copy until next year.

As always I have my walk-in cooler set up for anyone to use! Gator,deer.etc. You can use it anytime you want just give me a call.

I do not guide. I am not for hire. Though I will help you catch a gator.Your boat or mine there is NO fee for this. I cant promise that I can make it everytime. Remember this is free. I have to hunt myself, sleep, and I work a full time job. I also have to pack orders. Im very busy, If you want to Hunt and dont have a boat call me. I dont hunt county tags. There's just to many rules on those. I will travel some distance to help you get a gator. Just please call me in advance to get a tag near me. Just keep in mind I do this all for free. I ask for Nothing in return.

New so far..

T-gaffs, Dimmers, 1o pack weighted hooks.

Jan 10


Well its a new year. 2011 was a big learning expierance for me and Heather. We would like to say, Thank you for supporting us! 2011 was a rough start for my business. I learned a lot from last year. Well 2012 is going to be a total difference expierance for everyone. I'd like to thank Kris, Chris, and David. They called me with problems, they were having problems getting gators. I went out and helped them harvest there gators. Each harvested a decent Alligator. They were 9'6, 9'6, and 10'4. Anytime a person that buys equipment from me, will recieve my personal help. I do not charge! I do it because I love to.Your Boat.(Distance is a factor sometimes Im located in Palm Bay) I have plenty of references.

New things for 2012.

Shipping-Will be same day or shipped next day

Hooks- New lower cost! More variety of weight.

Lots of new items!


Jan 08



Hello. My name is Jon. My girlfriend Heather and I will be embarking on our alligator hunting season in 2011 and we want to make sure everybody's ready to go. A lot of the equipment for gator hunting gets pretty expensive really fast so we're offering the same equipment we use when we hunt at a much cheaper price than most of the competition.

Why are my prices the cheapest? Simply put, I dont powder coat, paint, die color aluminum. Time is money the more time I spend painting or powder coating. Mean more cost plus the paint. My product can and will compete with anyones! Even at 1/2 the price. Your gator hunting this, isnt who has the nicest stuff. If you want pretty then spend the money on pretty. But I bet it doesnt stay pretty long. The paint will fade,chip, your also get dent in your pretty aluminum harpoon head. This kind of hunting is rough on the equipment. Be smart buy cheap!

We also offer hunts for people who don't want to go hunting alone or don't want to buy their own permits and equipment. If you go check out our equipment tab you can find all the tools you'll need for your hunt. We also have a forum set up for people to ask questions or advice from experienced hunters or share their wisdom with newcomers to the sport. Heather and I prefer to bait for gators but it's only one of the many ways to capture these magnificent creatures. Snatchhooking is another popular method.

We're located in Palm Bay, FL and we are setting up our walk-in cooler where we can process our own gators as well. We haven't been able to find the right recipe to cook gator yet either, so if you've got a good one please share it in our forum. We've got 2 freezers full of gator meat from last season! Whether you're just stopping in for hints from our forum, we wish you luck on your first season! Send us pictures of your trophies that you got with our equipment.


If you have any other questions feel free to get in Contact with us . Happy Hunting!